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Tim Sutton of Linfiniti Consulting, a lead developer of QGIS, recently started The QGIS Podcast. Now in it’s 6th instalment, The QGIS Podcast gives an exciting insight into the current developments and future plans for QGIS and related open source GIS projects.

In the latest episode Tim interviews Paul Ramsey. Paul is a key developer of PostGIS, an enterprise grade geospatial extension for the free and open source PostgreSQL database management system. This extension allows the database to store, manipulate and query shapefile and raster spatial data.

Paul cited two interesting examples where PostgreSQL/PostGIS is used enterprise environments; the Institut Géographique National (the French national mapping agency) and the British Ordnance Survey. The British Ordnance Survey stores it’s master map of half a billion records in a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database. Subscribers can access the master map via the Ordnance Survey’s OnDemand web service.

The QGIS Podcast

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