QGIS Workshop on 1th July, Maynooth

Due to high demand, the All-Island Research Observatory (AIRO) will be holding an another ‘Data for Decisions’ GIS Workshop this summer at NUI Maynooth, before planned autumn workshops.

“The ‘Data for Decisions’ GIS Workshop is aimed at planners, policy and decision makers, local partnerships and local authorities researchers and private consultants who are interested in bringing data to the core of their decisions. The workshop is designed around the free and open source Quantum GIS (QGIS) software package and is pitched at those with minimum or no GIS experience.”

The day long workshop will introduce beginners to QGIS, with an emphasis on manipulating and analysing ‘socio-demographic’ datasets using the free and opensource software. The workshop is accredited by the Irish Planing Institute and members will gain 7 IPI CPD credits. More information can be found on the AIRO website:

AIRO ‘Data for Decisions’ – Intro to GIS Workshop 1st of July 2014

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